IT Falcons offers training and development programs for their employees to make stronger knowledge base. Some employees have weaknesses in their workplace. The training program assist them to improve their skills. The development program takes all employees to the higher level of skills. So, all the members of the company work at the same level. This improvement of the worker’s skill influence our company’s economy growth.

For training and development we are providing new skills to our people, different sessions and workshops are conducted to them for their better development, we are giving different trainings like Technological training to our people, Leadership training, Diversity training. Whenever we start our new project we involve our new employees to let them know about new product or service we are going to launch. We are also providing: Quality training, Skills training, Managerial training as well .Our company also provide some financial training like: To enable participants to deal effectively with different kind of credit customers based on real life examples,To provide adequate knowledge about the loan recovery process .

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